ams31.jpg The AMS-1000 revolutionized motorsports boost control on turbocharged and supercharged engines. ET and MPH records were destroyed with the accuracy and flexible control the AMS-1000 delivered. It truly became a necessity in today’s high power turbo vehicles. You will find the AMS-1000 in the quickest and fastest drag cars, bikes, snowmobiles and boats in the world! In the world of motorsports, evolution is key and the request to have a laptop based controller is something we heard requests for a few times during the last 5 years. So with great pleasure we introduce the AMS-2000.

The AMS-2000 controller offers 10 different control strategies, 31 channels of data logging, data overlaying and much more! Our flagship controller offers 2 completely separate air management systems built into it just like the AMS-1000. This means you can control 2 items at different times and at different pressures. The extreme flexibility, precision, and features make the AMS-2000 the choice for all air management needs. We took turbo vehicles to the next level with the AMS-1000. Now we’re going to shut the door, lock it and throw away the key with the AMS-2000. We are taking control to a level way out of reach of others. Don’t be fooled, there is nothing that comes close to the AMS-2000! The AMS-2000 offers such a simple and professional software program that makes it easy to navigate and set up.


Key Features:

  1. Laptop programmable via USB interfaces requiring no driver to be installed with 100% compatibility with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 including 64-bit systems
  2. 2 controllers in one unit (Boost Channel and Aux Channel)
  3. Full data logging (31 Channels sampled at 100hz)
  4. Ghost Imaging of data logged info to time based target pressure tables for extremely accurate tune changes
  5. Live data screen for dyno tuning or diagnostics
  6. If Aux channel is not used for control then it can provide 2 switched ground outputs triggered by up to 8 parameters; example uses: Shift Light, solenoid control, etc.
  7. Inputs are Polarity programmable on Scramble, Reduce, Activation, Shift and Trans Brake/Clutch with 8 activation options
  8. 10 control strategies (Time, Shift, Engine RPM, TPS, Analog Voltage, Air Temp, Pressure, Wideband, MPH, and Shaft RPM). Once your primary control strategy is chosen the others become offsets to your main control strategy
  9. Scramble and Reduce functions with full 50-point ramp capability
  10. Air temp compensation for automatic target pressure adjustments based on ambient air temp
  11. Wide range of pressure sensor capability including custom sensor set up
  12. Over-boost protection
  13. G-meter interface to log acceleration for tuning reference
  14. Other uses include fuel control on Nitro engines (replace existing timer boxes with regulators)!


Physical Specifications:

  1. Includes: Control Unit, 2 solenoids, 100 PSI pressure sensor with lead, and harness
  2. Billet Aluminum enclosure with vibration resistant mounts for durability
  3. Water resistant connector
  4. Option: 5 position remote selector switch (for switching between up to 5 pre-programmed tune-ups), g-meter, driveshaft sensor/wheel speed, pressure sensors, & air temp sensor.
  5. Length= 4.625 Width= 3.875 Height= 1.469
  6. 32 bit ARM processor, 72MHZ, with 512k on chip flash memory
  7. RS-232 capability for future remote display and basic programming interface
  8. External non-volatile RAM for data log functions


This is a Sneak Peek from to the 1st ever online look into the AMS-2000 Programmable Software. Expected shipping date for Hardware & Software is near 10 weeks from date of this thread. The R & D with all beta hardware and software was just completed at this past weekend MiRock Event at MIR. Results just from that event alone were broken records in the Prostreet class by NLRsystems Sponsored race team DME Racing. DME's Record pass 213.8 mph!!! Guys that is some EXTREMELY serious MPH. Most Promods don't put mph down like that. And let's not forget this was accomplished on a Street Tire! No slick involved, no wheelie bars, no custom frame.

I will soon have all info and details in place for the AMS-2000 here on our website. As a bonus to our members, 1320Nation will be the go-to website online for everything necessary concerning the ams2k boost controller. This will consist of the ability to download the product manual, product software, and all remaining info. We will also have an area for video, as well as an area where other ams2k owners will be sharing their experiences.


Shown here is additional AMS-2000 hardware.

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