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Frank Adams

Next Generation TV's are out

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by , 06-11-2012 at 04:54 PM (3593 Views)
For those of you like me that try to keep up with technology the new generation tv's are on the market now. Most of us currently have a 16:9 aspect ratio tv. The new Cinematic or CinemaWide are 21:9 aspect ratio. The images below kind of show you the difference in aspect ratio's.



At any rate I predict the price on the current 16:9 tv's will drop more then they are now. And the new 21:9 tv's of coarse will be higher then the current tv's probably for the next 3-5yrs.

Recently I have seen some 16:9 tv's really cheap. Some 42inch and below are close to being cheap enough to use as digital picture viewers and mount them to the wall.

At any rate for some of us it's time to start arranging for a new style TV.
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  1. Big J's Avatar
    Im debating on my next purchase now. My family room TV was purchased in 2006. Its a 37"LCD. Im looking at getting a 55" LED 3D
  2. Frank Adams's Avatar know $1500-$2000 actually can buy a decent TV these days.
  3. Big J's Avatar
    try $600- $700 I luv my Vizio smart tvs and one is a 3D cant beat the price at Save money. Live better.