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Frank Adams

Motorcycle Drag Racing is

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by , 11-05-2013 at 05:42 AM (3645 Views)
Motorcycle drag racing (also known as "Sprints") involves two participants lining up at a dragstrip with a signaled starting line. Upon the starting signal, the riders accelerate from a starting line to a finish line. Most common race distance is a quarter mile long, and 1/8th mile long. A straight paved track where their elapsed time and terminal speed are recorded. The rider to reach the finish line first is the winner as long as the rider with a green starting light. The best-known form of motorcycle drag racing is the Grudge Race category known to draw the largest crowds at the tracks or street racing, although several other categories exist. The largest entered category is Street ET. Unfortunately Street ET category is the most neglected and least appreciated by all organizations.

People in the sport

Rickey Gadson has won more races in AMA Drag Racing in the history of the sport. He is a medium sized rider with the height of 5'11 and weighing 165 lbs. He has lived in the Philadelphia area since he was a child and started the love for racing when he was 13 years old. He was the first factory backed rider in the history of the sport in 1998. He is a 9 time champion and has be considered the king of sportbike drag racing. He last championship was in 2005 in the AMA Dragbike 1000 Super Sport class.

Frank Adams has raced, promoted, and been involved in Motorcycle Drag Racing dating back to 1980. He has been located in the midwest region close to Indianapolis, Indiana also known as the Motorsports Capital of the World. He generally speaks about the 10 drag strips located with in 125 mile radius of his home. He has become best known as the Godfather in the internet world of motorcycle drag racing with both owning and administrating websites that promote the sport. For 15 years and longer he is responsible for introducing much of the most exciting venues to the community. He can be found at his newest project, the 5 star

Other big names in the sport are Brock Davidson, Mike Slowe, Keith Dennis, Richard Gadson, Jarion Clayton, Jay Eshbach, Seb Domingo, Dimey Eddinger, Nick Mazeika, and more. Each rider has their own style of riding and have been considered stars in this sport. Mike Slowe has won 7 championships in 6 years of professional sportbike motorcycle drag racing. Keith Dennis won the 2008 AMA Dragbike Super Sport championship and was the 3rd person in the 7's on a street tire motorcycle. Richard Gadson is the newphew of Rickey Gadson and has rode just about every type of sportbike motorcycle down the track. And Nick Mazeika was the 2008 AMA Dragbike Super Street Champion, 2008 AMA Dragbike Rookie of the year, and 2008 AMA Dragbike Sponsored rider of the year and has proven he is an up and coming force.