Using boost pressure to apply pressure to the pressure plate instead of arms and weights like conventional lock ups that are basically governed by rpm/speed

This lock up can use boost pressure or an alternate air supply for its source. Also a regulator and flow control valve OR an AMS-1000 can be used to transition the lock up into a smooth more controlled action or to completely eliminate the lockup action if you want to.
If you already have an AMS-1000 use the AUX channel to control this clutch in a drag application for the ultimate in clutch control.
It is necessary that the stock lock up mechanism is eliminated!

CORES REQUIRED: Stock clutch cover and pressure plate (CLEAN with no oil residue)

* Please send both cores in cleaned. We ask that there is no oil on any of the parts or dirt. If we have to clean these parts there will be a charge of 50.00 for time and material.

Low lever resistance since your not using heavy duty springs.
As boost pressure increases so does lock up action.
Alternately when throttle is closed and engine goes into vacuum so does the clutch and it pulls away from pressure plate making clutch disengagement easy.
Light weight
No loading of the shift forks during shifting, unlike a single stage lock up

Price $800.00

INTRODUCTORY PRICING IS $730 plus shipping