Do you purchase items from members of the forums? Don't know the person your purchasing from? Worry about whether your being scammed, or what the sellers reputation is? Well ladies and gentlemen, all of those questions can be answered by our members using the iTrader system. Today I'll walk through how to give a member feedback (which is iTraders rating system). These same steps, excluding the last form, can also be used for checking another members feedback. For the purposes of this write-up, I will act as the purchaser. Though following these same steps can be done by the seller as well.

Before you begin, it is a good idea to copy the URL for the For Sale thread you purchased an item from, as you will need it to complete the feedback form.

Now, I will navigate to a members profile. Though you can find a member in various ways, I'll be using the main forum page for this write-up.

Assuming you are on the main Forum page, click the Community drop down, and then select Member List

The next page you will be presented with is a list of all the members registered on . Browse through this directory until you find the member from whom you purchased your product. Click on there Username to go to that users Profile.

Once you are at a members profile, you will see tabs in the middle of the page labeled: About Me; Friends; Experience; My Vehicles; Blog; Feedback Score. Click on the tab labeled Feedback Score. Once you have clicked on this tab, you will see a link in blue to 'Submit Feedback For "Username" '. Click Submit Feedback

The next page you are presented with is a form. Fill out all of the sections, and submit your feedback for that member.

If there are ever any questions concerning the iTrader system, DO NOT HESITATE to get into contact with me. iTrader is an EXTREMELY valuable tool to every member that buys and/or sells items on the forum. Your feedback of members will help others in their decisions of purchasing or selling items to other members!

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