This thread will show you the basics of inserting pictures into a thread. To start, I will show you the method of uploading an image directly from your computer. I will follow this up with the method for inserting an image hosted on the internet (photobucket, etc...) at a later time.

Uploading from computer

Above the text editor is an icon to allow inserting an image

Once you have clicked on this icon, a pop-up prompt will appear
Prompt Box.jpg

Once the pop-up appears, you'll want to make sure your uploading from your computer, which is the left tab at the top of the pop-up

Once you have made sure you are uploading from your computer, click the browse button. This will bring up another pop-up, in which you will browse your computer to find the photo you are wanting to upload and insert into the thread or post. Navigate to, and select the photo of your choosing.

After you have chosen a photo, you will be back to the first pop-up. From here you will now click the text that says "Upload File(s)"

There should be a pause, depending on how fast your internet connection uploads the photo. Afterwards, you should see text in your message that ressembles the following (If you are using the WYSIWYG editor, you will see the photo itself)

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