Hey Guy's this is a heads up for all event promoters so kind and spread the word.

As you should know I have opened the event section up to all of you to promote with no cost involved. Just as anyone would expect I can not do this for free forever and ever. As it is now I have went close to 1 1/2yrs without attaching a fee. I can not help the fact if you did not or have not yet taken advantage of free advertising. We currently may not have 10,000 members filling the forums, but I guarantee we do have as many viewers and onlookers keeping an eye on what goes on. With the $ amounts I had setup on pb.com the event section generated around $5k per year. When we do begin to attach fee's here they will not be what they were on the other site, starting out. What I had over there ran very smoothly and I had great support from all promoters. As you may remember I did a number of things for you per the amount you paid. 100% of the monies collected in the event section went right back into the website. I did have some extra at the end of 2011 and if you remember I gave two families that were members of the site a decent amount of money so they could buy Christmas for their children.

Also, unlike other websites I am constantly adding either software for improvements, site upgrades, or it was ongoing additions so that the place simply did not become stale to your customers. There is only a select few of us with in this industry that even bother to do such things. As it is now, NOBODY has a website that is advanced as this one! I'm proud as hell to say that I have this website loaded up with even more then Turbo's & Nitrous.

At any rate I'm here to listen to suggestions. If you, or a group of you can think of a better option then the suggested Pay Per Event, know that I'm open to possible changes. Rather then posting in this thread about an idea you have, you may want to send a PM to me and I can put something together where a number of us discuss it at the same time.

I enabled the Event Countdown Section again in the left sidebar on the forum page. This is something new on 1320Nation opposed to my old site. The way it works is regardless of who's event it is, the next event that is up by way of the calendar is displayed. It's which ever event is 1st. I can not think of a more fair way for it to be done.

Spread the word. Let others know whats up here. And get your events added. Especially while it's free!

*This posting will be added to more the one forum on the website.

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