OK Guys I want someone with first hand knowledge to voice their experiences with these heads for the 351 Cleveland Engines only. I know some say junk and maybe so. But one man's junk is another's treasure. if you say junk. WHY? I am looking for a head that is better than the 4V 73 heads. These are the worst performing heads for the 315 Cleveland's. I want head that will increase torque and compression due to smaller combustion chambers. The smaller than the 4BBL heads intake ports is what I want for torque and I want the CJ Exhaust 4BBL exhaust port to fit my headers. I don't mind tearing them down doing a valve job and checking everything. I am not looking for a Hi Flowing Hi RPM head. My max RPM is about 5500 I want torque not a lot of HP up high. I like the price but I still want a guy who knows from experience what I can expect from these heads. If you know someone shoot this to him I would like to hear from someone. Thanks, Vegasmax